Ball Control Run N Shoot
Philosophy of Ball Control Run N Shoot

The Ball Control Run N Shoot is a short, conservative, ball control ran with Run N Shoot principals. The offense consists of Horizontal, Vertical stretches, Flooding Zones, Picking, Timed routes, bootlegs and screens. It is well balanced with a 60/40 Pass to Run. Most plays are 5 to 10 yards. Audible, Automatics, Hot reads, and Sight Adjustment give it versatility. Patterns are adjusted according to Zone/Man principals mostly after the snap. The offense relies on execution and positioning then on speed and moves to get open. It is sequential and we do not rely on "what the defense gives us attitude" as we run our offense, making the defense adjust to us. Big plays are made by missed tackles or broken coverage.

History of Ball Control Run N Shoot

Pro Set Quads Double Tight Single Back


WR's RB's

Base Play Action Play Action2

1/3 Step Pass
1 Step Part 2 Descriptions

5/7 Step Pass
5 Step Part 2 Descriptions

Play Action
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Screens Draws Descritions

Run Plays
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