Draw Action West Coast

This is an offence that is completly origional and un-tested. It is designed for a frosh/soph high school team. It is a Draw action/west coast style offence that frankly I have not even bothered to give an offical name of any sort. Anyways, the formation is simple, basic line setup with a tight end (Y), two running backs (3 yards off the line of scrimmage), and two wide recievers (X/Z)(splitting the distance between the sidelines and tackle). The key to this offence is to use draw (mainly), and shuffle pass to slow the rush and keep a run threat in every play to occupy the linebackers as well as the defensive ends busy much the way the rams did last season. At the beginning of each play the quarterback opens up and immediatly shoves the ball in the gut of the halfback who hides the ball by haunching over, then the quarterback slips it out and hides it untill he is ready to throw. The reason there are so few plays is because in order for this to really be a west coast offence the timing must be immaculate. And if you limit the number of plays your people can concentrate less on making sure they know the plays and more on timing, and execution...... not to mention the downfield blocking that makes a west coast offence REALLY work. Feel free to email me with questions ideas or advice as this is my first offence and although I have put some good time into it, a little more wouldnt hurt- Jim Harney


Drag Out Flats Go

Draws and Screens

Draw Quick Screen Screen Pass Shuffle Pass Shuffle Counter

Play Action

Bootleg Quick Boot Sucker Sucker Boot

Jim Harney created this Offense. E-mail Jim with any questions.