Spread Option


The Spread Option is a Option offense out of a Run n Shoot Formation. The Spread has the potential to have 4 WR's in the pass game and run an option game with 4 RB's. The Spread Formation is balanced and forces the defense to play a balanced front as well. Any over shifting by the defense gives the Spread an advantage to the weak side of the defense. The base play of the Spread Option is the Inside Veer. The bread and butter of the offense, this play must be ran consistently against everything the defense has put up to stop it.


Basics Formations Motions Defensive Fronts

34 Inside Veer vs Different Defense's

44 Cover 3 43 Cover 2/4 53 Cover 3
52 Cover 2/4 62 Cover 3 61 Cover 2/4

Other Option Plays

18 Speed 18 Spin 18 Crack 18 G Option 22 Trap
28 Trap Option 36 Wide Veer 42 Dive 47 Counter Option 48 Freeze

Other Run Plays

26 Power 28 Buck 25 Sally 34 Reverse


Roll Out 2x2 Roll Out 3x1 Quick Pass Play Action


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