"Developing an Explosive Passing Attack for Youth Football"

Most youth coaches believe that it is simply not possible to develop a passing game at the youth level. This manual will explain why this
is not true. The truth is, most youth coaches, and high school coaches too for that matter, simply do not know how to teach the
passing game. My manual will show you how to install an explosive youth passing offense. If you can throw the ball at the youth level,
your team will be almost unstoppable because youth teams never see a good passing attack, so they have no idea how to stop it.

Chapters in the book include:
1. The Quick Passing Game
2. Play-action passes
3. Screen Passes
4. The Shallow crossing series
5. The Stick Route
6. The Corner Route
7. The Mesh Route
8. The Smash Route
9. The Vertical route
10. The No-Huddle Offense
11. Installing and Practicing the system
12. QB  fundamentals and drills
12. Receiver fundamentals and drills
13. Offensive Line  Fundamentals and Drills

You will get all this and more. This is a very comprehensive, detailed
manual. Implement this system and I promise you will light up
scoreboards this fall!

To order, send a check for $24 to:

Bryan Nixon
100 McQueen Smith Road South Apt A-6
Prattville, AL 3606

If you have any questions, e-mail me at bnixon@taylorvillebaptist.com