Hal Mumme SE Louisana Clinic

Take from Gary Goff WR Coach SE Louisiana.


General Reminders

1. The player running the shallow cross runs through the heels of the DLine men

2. The player that runs the complementary route (Hunt/Dig) is always the 1st WR opposite the Shallow Cross.  He must always outside release so he does not turn the LB back into the shallow cross.  At 10 yards vs Zone he runs a Hunt route and settles in the 1st open hole. Versus Man coverage he runs a Dig.  Versus a blitz by the defender over him he runs a speed out as a Hot adjustment.

3. The QB takes a 3 step drop in the Shotgun.  He usually hits the Shallow crosser vs man or press coverage.


Y Shallow/ H Shallow Z Shallow/X Shallow F Shallow From Empty Y Shallow (X Post)/H Shallow (Z Post) Y Shallow (Z Curl)/H Shallow (X Curl)

The SE Louisiana staff got 2 Shallow Cross variations from Mike Shanahan of the Bronco's when they visited him this past Spring.  Shanahan invented the Shallow Cross Series.

Y Shallow Denver/F Shallow Denver


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